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How Price Elasticity Analysis Drives B2B Profit Growth

There has been significant focus on the elasticity of consumer goods since shopping has rebounded post pandemic, but many companies have yet to tap into the benefits of elasticity analysis in the...
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Pricing Scientist Alex Little

What is the Best Pricing Model for B2B eCommerce?

It’s not enough to simply set up a web shop for your customers. B2B buyers expect a consumer-like eCommerce and omnichannel experience, with serious implications and complications for pricing. A...
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ecommerce pricing model

B2B Reimagined 2022 Highlights: The Essential Episodes

Zilliant’s B2B Reimagined podcast continues to be a go-to resource for commercial leaders across the industry spectrum. You can catch up on every episode of the show here, or start with these seven...
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b2b reimagined podcast

#TBT: eCommerce as a Selling Tool

Enjoy this Throwback Thursday post from July 2021. This popular Zilliant blog written by Director of Product Management Brian Hirt explores why eCommerce must be an extension of your sales team,...
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b2b ecommerce

How Competitive Pricing Fuels a B2B eCommerce Strategy

Years of disruption have transformed many B2B companies into digital-first sellers. Both leaders and late adopters understand that competitive pricing and dynamic eCommerce pricing are table stakes...
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eCommerce pricing

[WEBINAR] Behind the Changing Customer Journey

 “COVID-19 has made it clear: Digitize everything and think digital-first whether you’re selling to consumers or business buyers. No longer is it acceptable to rely on traditional direct and indirect...
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