Although the overall 2022 economic outlook continues to look strong, supply chain disruption and a volatile materials market are still plaguing the manufacturing industry, which is being particularly felt by auto parts manufacturers. “Toyota is cutting production at its truck-producing plant in San Antonio in half, citing COVID-19 cases and supply chain issues as the reasons,” states The Dallas Morning News. Additionally, market conditions continue to be rocky for vital commodities, as The Philadelphia Inquirer reports, “Another volatile bout of trading on Wall Street ended with a broad pullback for stocks…as investors grapple with economic red flags and uncertainty.”

Resources for Pricing and Sales Success in the Digital Age

In such a highly competitive industry, it’s now more critical than ever for auto parts manufacturers to leverage the power of data science to tackle the revenue and profitability challenges of today’s digital landscape. Here is a round-up of content to help auto parts manufacturers learn more about how to power intelligent commerce by connecting commercial strategies with effective execution.

eBook – Build a Better Sales Team

For such a highly competitive industry such as auto parts manufacturing, having a sales team that embraces the new digital commerce landscape is critical to success. Read our comprehensive eBook to learn how intelligent digital technologies help create thriving sales teams, while transforming eCommerce channels into the “sales rep that never sleeps.” 

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Blog Post - What is a Real-Time Pricing Engine?

For auto parts manufacturers, a real-time pricing engine can dynamically respond to competition, cost volatility and more to deliver a consistent omnichannel customer experience in real time. But how does it work? Read our explainer blog to learn all there is to know about effectively implementing a cloud-native real-time pricing engine in your business. 

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Webinar - Digital Transformation in Sales

Chief Marketing Officer Lindsay Duran presented at the virtual 2021 Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week to share how even old-school industries like auto parts distribution and manufacturing can cultivate a digital sales mindset driven by data science, which is necessary to thriving in today’s market.

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Whitepaper - Inflation and Pricing: Time is of the Essence

Perhaps the dominant concern for manufacturing companies in 2022 and going forward, inflationary pressures represent a real threat to profitability. We identified four strategies to combat inflation that companies should consider implementing in short order. Don’t let short-term concerns create long-term disadvantages.

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Webinar - Applying Price Optimization in Commodity-Driven Industries

One of the largest misconceptions about pricing is that pricing software cannot be applied within commodity-driven industries. Watch this webinar to learn how price optimization and management software can be applied to commodity-driven industries, and how to dynamically bring cost data into pricing models.

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Getting Closer to the Customer in the Digital Age

Another essential piece of the intelligent commerce puzzle is customer experience. A best-in-class customer experience means providing customers with the products they need when and where they need them as well as providing them with consistent, market-aligned pricing and relevant product recommendations in all channels.

However, enabling a superior customer experience truly hinges on how effective your business uses data to price and sell in all channels. For auto parts manufacturers and manufacturers from a variety of vertical industries, implementing a digital-first approach that is consistent with the traditional, in-person buying experience is complex and wrought with challenges.

Join Zilliant and Accelalpha on Thursday, March 10, at 9:00 a.m. CST for an in-depth webinar that details how manufacturers can stay ahead of the digital curve in an era that demands omnichannel price consistency and dynamic, relevant product recommendations.

Also on the agenda: Responding faster and more intelligently changing market dynamics, increasing store replenishment and eCommerce fulfillment speeds, quoting more efficiently and quickly to win more competitive deals and delight customers, automating intelligent pricing negotiations online, and translating strategies into action in all channels.

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