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Retaining Share in Ambiguous Market Conditions

The Building Products Market Has Grown Steadily.
Will the Good Times End as We Enter a New Decade? How to Be Prepared Either Way.

The building products / construction industry is more visibly representative of the health of the economy than any other. The avatar of the Great Recession may well be images of doomed projects on abandoned construction sites. As such, it’s unavoidable for leaders of building products distributors to experience market-induced anxiety as a matter of course.

2020 looms as the start of a new decade but many analysts fear it will also mark the end of the building boom. Recent indicators point to a slowdown at least. The existential question: what areas of building products distribution are ripe for reimagination, safeguarding against ambiguous market conditions now and in the future? 

This whitepaper provides the answers with a playbook that reveals where margins and revenue leak in most B2B distribution companies and provides reimagined strategies for retaining and growing share through price optimization, deal management and costing guidance.

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