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Demo: Get to Know Zilliant

Are you less familiar with Zilliant’s pricing and sales solutions? This informative session covers how we address even the most confounding B2B pricing, sales, and commercial challenges with a unique...
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zilliant demo

Zilliant Demo Series: Next-Gen Price IQ

Large data volumes, product proliferation and massive customer counts make it difficult to provide sales reps with market-aligned prices that win business, while also meeting corporate P&L goals. For...
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Getting Closer to the Customer in the Digital Age

A best-in-class customer experience means being ready to provide customers with the products they need when and where they need them as well as providing them with consistent, market-aligned pricing...
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How Manufacturers Can Win in 2022 and Beyond

Inflation, cost volatility, supply chain disruption. If manufacturers have learned anything in the past few years, it’s that disruption is the new normal. How effectively manufacturers use data to...
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Making Customer Insights Actionable for Sales

For businesses with large sales teams and customer counts, trying to pin down the most effective strategies to drive margin and revenue growth and then translating those strategies into timely...
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Rediscover Rebates, the Hidden Pricing Lever

Discounts. Markups. Customer-specific agreements. Matrix prices. In addition to these popular on-invoice methods to increase revenue and margin, nearly every B2B company has an off-invoice strategy....
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