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Solve the Rental Rate Puzzle

This whitepaper offers a better and more rational approach to pricing, driven by advanced price optimization and management tools. 
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Unwrap Three New Industry Infographics

This month Zilliant released three new infographics focused on reimagined commercial solutions for three distinct B2B vertical industries – food production and manufacturing, electronic components...
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Media & Advertising

In this episode, Zilliant’s chief scientist Jon Higbie joins host Lindsay Duran to share his experience working with companies on both the buy-side and sell-side of the advertising world. Jon tells...
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b2b reimagined podcast

Taming the Wild West of Ad Buying and Selling

The media and advertising industry has undergone significant change and disruption in the past 20 years. As such, many aspects of the ad selling and buying process have struggled to keep pace. For...
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6 Ways To Become An Industry Leader with Zilliant

Leading an industry transformation from the pricing desk may sound like a far-off dream, particularly for old-school businesses with limited pricing staff and hundreds of thousands of products to...
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