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Zilliant Partner Showcase at MindShare 2022

A look at the Zilliant business partners that presented at MindShare 2022. Read a recap of MindShare 2022, our first in-person conference in three years, to gain valuable insights from industry...
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Unlock Revenue Intelligence at MindShare 2022

Unlock Revenue Intelligence at MindShare 2022 Revenue intelligence solutions are increasingly critical to the success of the modern B2B sales team. As digital competition soars and B2B buyers are...
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Year-in-Review: Zilliant’s Accelerated Growth

2021 marked a year of accelerated growth for Zilliant. The most significant milestone occurred this past December when Zilliant entered into an agreement to be acquired by funds affiliated with...
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2022 Advice on Digital Commerce and the Sales Role

In part two of our 2022 advice roundtable, we get to the biggest paradigm shift for B2B, the rise of digital commerce, with some additional thoughts on how the role of the B2B salesperson will need...
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