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Mindshare Preview: Auto Distributor Accelerates Sales

For the senior manager of customer engagement at a global auto parts distributor, the gap between sales tools and the intelligence they provide hampered sales strategy execution. At MindShare 2022...
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Zilliant Sales IQ™

Zilliant Sales IQ™ is an application that uses advanced data science to determine which customers have incremental revenue opportunities and what products and quantities customers should be buying. ...
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Build a Better Sales Team

The B2B field sales role has transformed more drastically in recent years than any other. The pandemic supercharged digital commerce and accelerated the rise of virtual selling. But don’t expect...
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Sales and Operations Planning: Six Winning Strategies

Looking for winning strategies to aid in sales and operations planning? The task of managing and operating a B2B sales team has fundamentally changed in a shockingly short time span. At the same...
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Zilliant Campaign Manager™

Translating sales and pricing strategies into actions for the field is a constant struggle for B2B companies. Zilliant Campaign Manager™ generates omni-channel campaigns through product, pricing and...
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