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Zilliant Price IQ is widely recognized as the B2B industry’s most deployed, sophisticated, effective and understandable price optimization software. 

And now it’s even stronger. 

The Leading B2B Price Optimization Solution Gets Even Better. Introducing Next-Gen Price IQ® 

We unveiled Next-Generation Price IQ this week, a momentous leap forward for our flagship market-leading cloud-native SaaS price optimization product. So, what’s the fanfare all about? Let’s get into it. 

1. Crystal Box Optimization 

Transparency is everything in B2B pricing. As Zilliant President and CEO Greg Peters shared this week:  

“Leading the market in price optimization for two decades has revealed one critical truth: If sales reps don’t understand how a price is generated, they are unlikely to use it. Next-Generation Price IQ® provides a way to keep prices competitive amid near-constant change while also providing a pragmatic means to leverage AI with a crystal-clear view into how prices were derived.” 

B2B companies are increasingly looking to price optimization to give them a more powerful and dynamic approach to pricing to contend with inflation, supply chain disruption, increased competition, and wild swings in demand. They also tend to grow frustrated with optimization approaches that are too opaque, making it impossible to understand the rationale and process behind the pricing. The many black boxes on the pricing market inspire more questions than answers because they obfuscate parameters, complex AI, and formulas, or they use strict rules that break as complexity increases. 



Next-Gen Price IQ is the first price optimization solution to offer crystal-clear price visibility into its market-aligned, dynamic pricing that maximizes both margin and revenue performance. At each step of the process, pricing, data science and sales teams can see precisely how the optimization engine produced each price, drill into each optimized price, view the associated transactions with inline analytics, make adjustments, and see how price changes will impact revenue and profit. Additionally, pricing teams and data scientists can now perform very sophisticated tasks such as: evaluate the pricing power of different data attributes, test and compare different models, and incorporate their own models and algorithms. By their very nature, prices generated in Next-Gen Price IQ are easily explainable and defensible, ensuring sellers use them and customers accept them.  

In other words, we offer price optimization without the side effects. 

2. 10x Faster and Easier to Use 

Next-Generation Price IQ not only enhances visibility, it also comes with major advances in performance. Customers can expect a 10x improvement in AI-based optimization speeds. This allows users to test out different what-if scenarios, account for changes in the market, calculate price elasticity and generate optimized prices faster than ever before. 

When it comes to putting the right price in-market for every selling scenario across any channel, there is no time to be wasted. With this release, Zilliant is helping B2B companies anticipate and respond to a supply-constrained, pandemic-disrupted, and inflationary time before their competitors can. 

In addition to accelerated optimization, customers are also finding it much easier to interact with the system itself. Next-Generation Price IQ and Zilliant Price Manager now have a unified interface that is extremely intuitive and provides a centralized location to access multiple optimization models. As Vice President of Science & Analytics Lee Rehwinkel put it:

“If you know how to use a spreadsheet, you’ll know how to use Price IQ.” 

3. Faster Implementation / Lower Cost 

We are proud to announce that Next-Generation Price IQ can be up and running in 90 days thanks to enhancements in our underlying SaaS components and advancements in deployment methodology. Additionally, we’ve lowered the total cost of ownership by introducing the ability to support multiple pricing models and scenario templates. Now customers can simultaneously optimize multiple lines of business within one model instance. 

Customers have reported a 10x return on investment in less than a year with Zilliant Price IQ, as it remains the only optimization solution that is constraint-based, is goal-seeking, and can measure price elasticity in the B2B market. 

Meet with us today to get started on the next generation of best-in-class price optimization.