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Video: Six Inflation Tips from Pricing Experts

August 16, 2021

Six Inflation Tips from Pricing Experts 

Intelligent Insights for Responding to Inflation 

Resurgent demand, coupled with industry’s inability to acquire raw materials, manufacture products, and stock distribution centers, is causing prices to soar on everything from diapers to steel. “The big question is whether shortages and price hikes are temporary byproducts of the pandemic, or if the global economy is changing in ways that could permanently hike the cost of doing business and usher in a new era of inflation,” states CNN.com. 

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that inflation is currently top-of-mind for many pricing practitioners. To gain a better understanding of how B2B companies should be dealing with market volatility and intelligently responding to inflationary pressures, we sourced tips from some of the industry’s leading pricing experts. 

In this video, Capital Pricing Consultants CEO and Founder Lydia DiLielloAuthor and Pricing Evangelist Stephan Liozu, PwC Partner David Moss, and Zilliant SVP of Products and Science Pete Eppele offer valuable market and inflation response insights, which include short term approaches to combat inflation, what data is needed to properly execute inflation response strategies, how price optimization tools hold up during times of high market volatility, and more.   

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Streamline Rebate Management across Pricing, Sales and Finance

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