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Six Tips for Driving Digital Transformation in Sales 

Digital Transformation in Sales is Critical for Competing Effectively 

Companies that have embraced what we call the ‘science of B2B sales’ have already started to pull ahead of their peers in terms of revenue growth (registering 2.3 times industry average revenue growth), profitability (3 to 5 percent additional return on sales) and shareholder value (8 percent higher total return to shareholders than the industry average),” states McKinsey’s What the future science of B2B sales growth looks like article. 

This statistic is eye-opening and truly speaks to the importance of facilitating the digital transformation of sales to compete effectively in today’s landscape. For B2B distributors and manufacturers, however, driving digital transformation within their sales teams is complicated. So, how are successful companies doing it? How are they fostering digital transformation to put themselves ahead of the pack? 

In this video, Zilliant Chief Marketing Officer Lindsay Duran offers six tips for driving digital transformation in sales and cultivating a digital mindset that accounts for employee buy-in and takes advantage of available digital resources. These tips include how to move from relationship-based sales to a more scientific approach, actionable tactics sales teams can use to drive commercial initiatives, eCommerce best practices such as personalizing the customer experience, and more.  

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Zilliant - Power Intelligent Commerce

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