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Real Time Pricing Strategy

August 27, 2020

Multi-national B2B companies are often faced with cumbersome processes to update, maintain and strategically manage list prices. In this 30-minute webinar, we walk through how Zilliant is enabling real time market price updates using dynamic data. Learn how organizations like yours can take advantage of the broad price management capabilities in Price Manager to react quickly to pricing triggers within your business.


  • Make repeatable tasks fast and easy to complete using Task Bars
  • Utilize and manage external data such as inventory and competitor prices
  • Apply custom and configurable rule-based strategies to update prices
  • Create custom embedded analytics and KPI cards to understand “what-if” scenarios
  • Submit and approve price updates

Learn how Zilliant is enabling B2B companies to more effectively execute pricing and sales strategies.

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[TSIA] Optimize the Land-Expand-Adopt-Renew Process with Data Science

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