Maximising Your Business and Customer Potential with AI and Commercial Excellence

In today’s competitive business markets, driving top-line growth in large B2B organisations is challenging. However, companies can use AI to gain a competitive advantage, through price optimisation and predictive sales solutions that maximise your business and customer potential.  

At MindShare Europe 2017, Zilliant was joined by business and industry thought leaders to discuss how to capitalise on AI-enriched solutions that leverage data to drive business performance. Learn how these industry leaders implemented their solutions and the change management approach they took to ensure sales adoption and success.

Join Zilliant and Integrated Commercial Excellence (ICE™) in this webinar to:

  • Review industry trends uncovered from business leaders across Europe
  • Learn how AI can help you maximise the economic potential of every customer
  • Learn how to use machine learning and analytics to set the best prices for the right products and customers

About the Speakers:

Barrett Thompson, Zilliant Managing Director of Customer Excellence
Barrett leads the Business Solutions team at Zilliant. Over the past two decades, Barrett has delivered predictive and optimization solutions to Fortune 500 businesses in diverse vertical industries. He is a frequent speaker and author on achieving sustainable profitability improvements through the application of pricing science and AI. Barrett received both his Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and his Master of Science in Operations Research from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Barry Edney, ICE™ Commercial Director
Barry is the co-founder of Integrated Commercial Excellence b.v. (ICE™). A proven Commercial Director with global leadership experience in Sales & Marketing and Commercial Excellence programmes across Australia, Asia and Europe, with specific experience in China, India and Japan, he has developed and implemented a wide range of process and organisational commercial excellence improvements.  ICE™ consultants have their own areas of expertise and always take a functionally integrated view on designing and managing change. ICE™ supports clients all over the world.

Jared Aho, Zilliant Senior Director of Product Marketing
Jared Aho leads marketing strategy and execution at Zilliant. He has created and led marketing, technology and strategy efforts across SaaS, high-tech and industrial manufacturing organizations. Jared is a frequent author and speaker as an evangelist on the growth and opportunity of artificial intelligence in B2B. He received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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