Intelligent Automated Negotiation: Change the Price Negotiation Game

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Imagine peering into the day-to-day pricing negotiations of a B2B company – whether it be an electrical products manufacturer, a high tech manufacturer, a shipping or transportation provider, a medical products distributor, an auto parts distributor, or even a staffing services company – what dynamics and processes could you broadly observe? 

Company dynamics can vary widely, even within one industry, but some truths are universal. For those leading the strategic pricing, digital, eCommerce or sales initiatives of any so-called “typical” B2B enterprise, the pains (and potential opportunities) of internal and external negotiations are acute. 

This whitepaper discusses the challenges inherent with the common negotiation process and how leading companies are bringing science to the art of negotiation to significantly reduce bulky processes and reserve high-skilled negotiators for the most critical deals, including:

  • Why the dynamics of pricing negotiations broadly across a business are costly and cumbersome
  • How the art of negotiation is beginning to blend with the science of available technology 
  • Concrete examples of a new, innovative approach – Intelligent Automated Negotiation 

Leading B2B companies have already deployed Intelligent Automated Negotiation – and the possible use cases are rich with opportunity. Read on to learn how it has turned the negotiation game on its head, empowering B2B companies of all stripes to power intelligent eCommerce pricing in their businesses.

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