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Gain Competitive Advantage with Price Optimization Software

Food Manufacturer Creates Post-Merger Competitive Advantage with Price Optimization

After the merger of competitors to form a new company, this industry-leading food producer needed to quickly harmonize all aspects of their business and deliver value to their customers and their shareholders.  Post-merger, the company faced the challenges of: unifying completely different data sets and technology stacks, flat market demand, high sales turnover and profit decline due to inconsistent pricing.

With the guidance of their Board of Directors, a year post after the merger, the company searched for to a price optimization solution, since standing up their own technology platform to do so wasn’t effective.

The company chose Zilliant because Zilliant’s discovery process included a business diagnostic that uncovered significant opportunity to use AI for pricing, sales intelligence, and capacity utilization.  Zilliant was also the only vendor who had an AI-based SaaS platform that could offer pricing optimization and the flexibility to produce other actionable intelligence that met their needs.

Read the eBook for details on how:

  • AI-generated pricing optimization was deployed using the Zilliant Price IQ™ Zilliant’s Strategy Interface and an agile implementation methodology
  • Change management processes were tracked in parallel to the solution design
  • Integration of the solution into sales reps quoting and agreement tools won sales confidence

Within the first few months of being live, leadership measured absolute increases in margin across multiple product categories with their new ability to rapidly adjust pricing strategies and capture new business to grow market share.

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