Revolutions Per Minute: Embracing Change in the Heavy-Duty Parts Market

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Much has changed since Zilliant addressed the Heavy-Duty Aftermarket Week audience in January. Since then parts distributors have had to contend with: 

  • The oil industry bottoming out as stay-at-home orders removed drivers from the road and passengers from the skies.  

  • Millions of workers going remote, leading to a major uptick in eCommerce sales, a channel under-served by many truck parts distributors.  

  • Amazon becoming more dominant in the B2B marketplace. 

  • Drastic dips in fleet volume with businesses slowing orders or shutting down completely and workers telecommuting. 

  • An already aging workforce getting significantly smaller due to mass layoffs. 

What hasn’t changed? The same pricing inconsistencies and sales inefficiencies that we presented in January still linger and are ripe for revolution. Distributors must change with the times by using data science to unlock powerful insights that exist within their customer and transaction history. 

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