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Electrical Products Distribution Playbook for Digital Immunity

The Modern Electrical Products Customer is Buying Online. 
Here’s How to Attract Them to You (Before Amazon) Without Giving Away Your Profits.

Professional buyers increasingly expect a hassle-free, fully digital experience with visibility into pricing. Electrical products in particular are a major growth area for Amazon Business and other digital entrants, some of whom undercut the market with bottom-barrel prices. It can be scary out there, but only if you don’t have a plan. This whitepaper provides a playbook for:

  • Reimagining how you tackle pricing challenges
  • Dynamically responding to cost changes
  • Embracing the right technology
  • Going the extra mile with services that Amazon can’t match

If you’re making the leap to eCommerce or bolstering an existing online presence to meet customer expectations, pricing cannot be an afterthought. In digital channels, pricing rigor - including effectively maintaining market-aligned customer-specific and system prices and setting up relevant price profiles - becomes even more important as it is more transparent to customers. Give your buyers what they want without sacrificing the margin that you need!

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