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How Price Optimization Helps B2B Sales

Tension between the sales and pricing departments in a B2B organization is nothing new. In fact, it's a natural byproduct of the often contrasting incentives that drive each group. While sales is...
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What is Rebate Management?

  Rebates, or off-invoice discounts and incentives, are powerful method to motivate a customer base, build brand loyalty, and ultimately, increase revenue, but the process of executing and managing...
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Build a Better Sales Team

The B2B field sales role has transformed more drastically in recent years than any other. The pandemic supercharged digital commerce and accelerated the rise of virtual selling. But don’t expect...
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[EXCERPT] Pricing – The New CEO Imperative

Zilliant is honored to contribute a chapter in pricing evangelist Stephan Liozu’s latest book, Pricing – The New CEO Imperative. This collective work created by the pricing industry for the benefit...
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Six Opportunities to Capitalize on Big Data

If you have already started down the path of an internal data initiative, you’re in good company. Savvy executives know that transaction data holds a wealth of knowledge and insight, just waiting to...
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