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[Zilliant + Salesforce] Deliver Market-Aligned Price Guidance to Sales

August 4, 2020

Adapting quickly to changing market conditions is vital for any modern B2B enterprise. In this webinar, co-hosted by Zilliant and Salesforce, Erwan Kerebel, Senior Director Product Management, Quote to Cash Solutions at Salesforce and Zilliant SVP of Products & Science, Pete Eppele, demonstrated how, together, our solutions enable more effective and efficient quoting with market-aligned pricing guidance.

Pete and Erwan shared specific tactics and smarter strategies companies can use to generate granular, contextually relevant, market-aligned prices with Zilliant Price IQ and Price Manager and seamlessly make these prices available to sales reps in Salesforce CPQ.

Specifically, they discussed the following capabilities:

  • Ensuring price guidance in CPQ reflects up-to-date pricing strategies and market and cost data
  • Using the price simulator to review the impact of pricing strategies prior to rolling changes out to sales
  • Dynamically optimizing line-item pricing with order-level targets
  • Adjusting discount thresholds and setting up time-bound promotion pricing
  • Publishing price changes in real-time
  • Increasing sales confidence by providing contextual analytics, including historical prices paid by other customers in the same pricing segment and price quality scoring
  • Accelerating quote turnaround time with real-time approval guidance

The webinar wraps up with Zilliant Product Experience Manager Samantha Leung giving a demonstration of how Salesforce CPQ and Zilliant’s pricing solutions, connected via the new Zilliant CPQ Connector, bring these tactics and strategies to life.

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