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[TSIA] Optimize the Land-Expand-Adopt-Renew Process with Data Science

September 11, 2020

Offer creation for technology providers and their channel partners is often a slow, manual process, creating problems with speed, accuracy, and scalability. This often results in lackluster win rates, wallet share, and/or account profitability.

Watch this Zilliant + Schneider Electric + TSIA webinar to learn how global technology firms are leveraging data science-driven pricing and sales solutions to analyze historical sales patterns and data to help their sales organizations and their channel partners:

  • Optimize contract discount amounts.
  • Identify areas of price sensitivity.
  • Intelligently automate the negotiation process.

The proven net effects of these techniques are digitally enhanced sales processes with higher win rates, better retention, and higher profit margins. In this webinar, Zilliant business solutions consultant, Todd Pate, will demonstrate how data science can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your LAER sales process. Jameson Page, price structure and technology manager from Schneider Electric will then share a real-life example of how intelligent automated negotiation is actively transforming commercial processes and driving business value for this global high-tech manufacturer.

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