Reimagine Global and Country Price List Management

Multi-national B2B companies are often faced with cumbersome processes to update, maintain and strategically manage global and country list prices. In this 60-minute webinar, Samantha Leung, product experience manager at Zilliant, will walk through how you can take a more streamlined approach to this time- and data-intensive task with pricing software. Join us and learn how organizations like yours can take advantage of our broad capabilities to react quickly to pricing triggers within your business.  


  • Make repeatable tasks fast and easy to complete using task bars
  • Import external data from a CSV, such as a supplier or material cost file, into Zilliant price management tools 
  • Apply custom and configurable rule-based strategies to update prices
  • Create custom price builds and KPI cards to understand “what-if” scenarios 
  • Utilize external data like currency exchange rates or competitor data to update prices  
  • Submit and approve price updates 

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