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Essential Price Optimization & Management Advice

November 5, 2021

Curious about the essential questions to ask when determining if a pricing solution is right for your business?

According to the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide B2B Price Optimization and Management Applications 2021 Vendor Assessment, “For a company to confidently achieve its revenue, margin, or profit goals, it needs to be able to continuously sense demand, willingness to pay, and costs for its offerings across channels, locations, and customer segments so the company can set and successfully sell at the right price to achieve those goals. For most companies, this process is always complex and data intensive, often error prone, and too frequently suboptimal.”

In this webinar guest speaker Mark Thomason, research director of digital business models and monetization at IDC and Barrett Thompson, general manager of commercial excellence at Zilliant discuss important aspects of a successful Price Optimization & Management project, including:

  • Strategy, Price Setting, AI/ML, Data & Analysis – Essential components of any pricing project.
  • Customer Success & Support – Why a vendor that acts as a business partner is critical to success.
  • Level of Value Delivered – Why quick payback periods and measurable returns on your company’s pricing goals should be a key success metric.
  • Innovation – Why constant evolution in today’s digital commerce environment is critical for pricing software and your pricing project.

Download a copy of the Presentation here

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Moving as Fast as the Market: Use Cases for Pricing Software

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