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Driving Profitable Growth with Actionable Intelligence and AI

In any B2B industry, overcoming business complexity and empowering sales reps with answers is essential to achieving business results. More and more, sales reps are responsible for more customer accounts, more products, and larger quotas than ever before. Meanwhile, sales reps are spending less time with their customers than ever before, which is resulting in poor business results and lower customer loyalty.

In this webinar, hear how IMI Precision Engineering(IMI), a world leader in motion and fluid technologies, helped their sales teams deal effectively with more customer accounts, more products and larger quotas than ever before.

By partnering with Zilliant, a provider of AI-enabled predictive analytics, IMI was able to deploy Zilliant IQ, an AI and predictive sales analytics solutions, using an agile process and strategic change management approach. Once Zilliant IQ was implemented, IMI was able to simplify business complexity, equip their sales reps with actionable intelligence, and drive profitable growth.

The results included: 

  • 125% revenue lift from won opportunities
  • Increase in sales win rates, customer retention and expansion
  • Elimination of manual sales processes and increase in sales productivity
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