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How to Identify a Truly Cloud-Native Solution

In June 2021, Zilliant CTO and SVP of Engineering Shams Chauthani hosted a webinar about enabling digital commerce that focused the role of IT and explored various architecture and system and data...
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Zilliant Deal Manager Overview

For B2B companies, deal management, i.e. managing the customer price agreement process, is complex and burdensome. Given the volume and frequent under-management of agreements, simply knowing how...
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Video: Six Inflation Tips from Pricing Experts

Resurgent demand, coupled with industry’s inability to acquire raw materials, manufacture products, and stock distribution centers, is causing prices to soar on everything from diapers to steel. “The...
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How AI Drives Top-Line Growth and Profit Margins

B2B enterprises are struggling to hit their financial targets, but leading companies are turning to AI-based sales intelligence tools as the bridge between the limitations of human organization and...
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