Part Two: UnleashWD Interview

February 8, 2015

Part One of this three-part podcast series with Dirk Beveridge covered the many nuanced, and shifting, factors disrupting wholesale distribution today. 

In Part Two of our series, Dirk shares a real-world case study from the electrical distribution industry to highlight the impact of technology disruptions. It is more important today, than maybe ever, for leaders to shift their business models to create relevant and sustainable businesses for the future. Dirk believes future success will be based on a company’s ability to innovate. Innovation means leading customers to a better future for which they are capable and willing to reward you – in today’s world this requires continuous change and evolution of our businesses. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Companies don’t transform and innovate, people do. 
  • Business models are evolving to capitalize on complexity. Moving forward, sales reps will need more high-end technology knowledge.
  • Real-world electrical distribution examples of industry disruption.
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