How to Identify a Truly Cloud-Native Solution

July 14, 2021

Cloud-Native or Marketing Tactic? 

In June 2021, Zilliant CTO and SVP of Engineering Shams Chauthani hosted a webinar about enabling digital commerce that focused the role of IT and explored various architecture and system and data integration dynamics that can power intelligent commerce. During the Q-and-A portion of the webinar, Chauthani was asked how to determine if a software provider is on-premise, a SaaS and on-premise hybrid, or truly cloud-native and taking full advantage of the distributed, scalable, and flexible capabilities of cloud. Watch as Chauthani explains that there is often a lot of variation in how providers represent themselves from an architecture perspective and provides a few key differentiators to use when deciphering if a software solution is truly cloud-native.  

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Six Tips for Driving Digital Transformation in Sales 

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[Zilliant + SAP] Propelling Wholesale Distribution Forward


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