[CLIP] Zilliant + Salesforce CPQ = Intelligent Commerce

June 11, 2021

Erwan Kerebel on How Zilliant & Salesforce Create the Ideal CPQ Solution

Your pricing team wants to ensure the best price that meets margin goals is offered to the customer every time. Your sales team is desperate to get a quote out the door quickly and accurately. And your ops team just wants to ensure that the correct price and product combo is billed and fulfilled every time. But none of this is easy with legacy systems and processes, especially when new subscription and usage business models are thrown into the mix. In this clip from his MindShare 2021 session, Erwan Kerebel, senior director of product management from Salesforce Revenue Cloud, describes how connecting the right price to the right account at the right time, every time, can be simple and automated with Zilliant and Salesforce.

“We believe that the combined Revenue Cloud and Zilliant solution allows customers in all industries to deliver the right pricing and quoting for every transaction, for every customer, and for every sales channel.”

- Erwan Kerebel, senior director of product management, Salesforce Revenue Cloud

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Zilliant Sales Growth Solutions Overview


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