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Sales and Operations Planning: Six Winning Strategies

January 26, 2021

Looking for winning strategies to aid in sales and operations planning? The task of managing and operating a B2B sales team has fundamentally changed in a shockingly short time span. At the same time, the complexity of the sales role and the speed with which reps need to be able to deliver the right offer are only increasing.  

Turning executive strategy into sales action has never been more difficultThe modern sales ops team needs to get scientific and adopt a digital playbook.  

In our exclusive 2021 Sales Ops Guide, we’ll share why the strategy-to-execution gap persists, how the pandemic has created a roadblock for day-to-day sales effectiveness, and what winning teams do differently. Download for deep dives into six winning sales ops strategies that result in direct sales action, including:  

  • Win back categories lost during the pandemic  

  • Partner with marketing to grow private label sales  

  • Target sales growth in a specific region  

  • Download to  

  • Discover  

  • The rest  

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