Zilliant Sales IQ™

Zilliant Sales IQ™ is an application that uses advanced data science to determine which customers have incremental revenue opportunities and what products and quantities customers should be buying. 

Sales IQ produces multiple customer action types including:

  • Prospecting: Best fit products for prospects
  • Recovery: What a customer was buying
  • Growth: What a customer should be buying
  • Win-back: Tailored product pitches for lost business
  • Inventory: Targeted selling of excess inventory
  • Contract Compliance: Contracts not on track to meet volume commitments
  • Product Substitution: Targeted selling of preferred brands or substitutes

Many times, your best prospects is a current customer, so empower sales reps to make better selling decisions in their existing account base. Sales IQ customers typically see an increase of 5 to 15 percent in same customer sales. 

Download the Sales IQ data sheet to learn more about how to equip sales reps to sell more.


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