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Zilliant Sales Planner™

A company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system is only as useful as the information within it. Prompt sales reps to take the actions mostly likely to result in revenue and margin growth....
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Zilliant Price IQ®

Reimagine pricing with Zilliant’s industry-leading solution, Price IQ®, the only price optimization application with the ability to simultaneously account for all the factors that drive price. Price...
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Zilliant Price Manager™

The task of updating prices due to cost changes, margin objectives or other market factors is generally a frustrating manual process for B2B companies. Complicated spreadsheets have been the de facto...
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Zilliant Sales IQ™

Zilliant Sales IQ™ is an application that uses advanced data science to determine which customers have incremental revenue opportunities and what products and quantities customers should be buying....
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Zilliant Real-Time Pricing Engine™

Zilliant Real-Time Pricing Engine™ is the real-time connection between Zilliant’s pricing solutions and your commercial applications — a high-availability, high-performance REST API with 99.99%...
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Zilliant IQ Platform™

The Zilliant IQ Platform™ is the foundation for Zilliant’s market-leading price optimization and management, deal management and sales guidance solutions, and robust Real-Time Pricing Engine...
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Zilliant Deal Manager™

Creating and maintaining customer price agreements within a B2B company while ensuring profitable pricing with them now and in the future, is an incredible challenge. Agreements tend to exist in...
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Zilliant Campaign Manager™

Translating sales and pricing strategies into actions for the field is a constant struggle for B2B companies. Zilliant Campaign Manager™ generates omni-channel campaigns through product, pricing and...
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Zilliant Cart IQ™

How can your organization offer a seamless eCommerce buying experience that meets customer expectations, increases average order values, and personalizes the buying experience for each customer?...
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