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Dynamic Pricing: Terreal Improves Prices While Maintaining Market Share

June 1, 2020 Team Zilliant

Terreal Improves Prices, Maintains Share

In this video case study, Terreal Sales & Marketing VP Jean-Baptiste Fayet details the company’s pricing journey and its goal of improving prices without sacrificing market share. Terreal, a €400M building products manufacturer, had grown rapidly and knew it needed a better way to manage its three main pricing categories: retail pricing, project pricing and large account pricing.

Historically, working from Excel spreadsheets across many geographic locations created challenges for Fayet’s pricing team. These included limited segmentation capabilities and overall complexities that limited the team’s ability to execute.

Fayet was left with a decision between allocating budget to a pricing consultant or to a pricing software vendor.

“I chose Zilliant because right from the start with the diagnostic I quickly grasped the potential opportunities in my business, seeing directly on our real invoicing data with our real customer and product (data), where the value was to be taken,” said Fayet.

Watch the video to hear why his decision paid off.

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