Zilliant Launches MarginMax Ramp to Deliver Greater Pricing Control, Alignment and Visibility

March 16, 2015

New SaaS-based application provides the simplest, fastest way to get started with price optimization.

Austin, TX – March 16, 2015 – Zilliant, a leading provider of prescriptive selling applications that drive financial growth, today announced the launch of MarginMax Ramp, a price optimization application that gives B2B companies more control over prices through smarter, segmented and rationally aligned pricing. It provides the simplest, fastest way to get started with price optimization in the market, setting differentiated prices across customer segments and ensuring rational price relationships using constraint-based optimization.

“The first step in price optimization is setting prices that make sense relative to each other,” said Eric Hills, chief evangelist at Zilliant. “Aligning thousands of price points is impossible to do manually or using rules. MarginMax Ramp enables companies of all sizes to adopt data-driven price optimization because it fixes widespread misalignments. It is ideal for companies that need to update prices frequently with minimal risk.”

As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application built on the Zilliant Optimization Platform, MarginMax Ramp can be implemented in as few as 10 weeks. The output, market-aligned price guidance, is typically delivered to sales reps in their existing quoting tools. Sales reps embrace the high-quality guidance because the numbers make sense to them and to their customers, while also satisfying management’s growth and margin objectives. Companies are more responsive when quoting prices, ramp up new sales reps and products faster, and negotiate with greater confidence, ultimately leading to higher margins.

“Chef Middle East has seen rapid growth, but the associated complexity made it difficult to be responsive in the market with our pricing strategy. We needed a pricing tool to sustain the growth and transform the complexity into a source of incremental profits,” said Steve Pyle, chief executive officer, Chef Middle East. “MarginMax Ramp has the right balance of price optimization capabilities and simplicity of setup and use. It will ensure pricing remains a core competency, improving our responsiveness in the market and ensuring we capture the value of our products in the market.”

As part of their SaaS subscription, customers have access to a Zilliant customer success manager who provides best practices for using and implementing MarginMax Ramp, helps quantify the financial benefit of the solution and maximizes ongoing results. As customers become more sophisticated in their approach to pricing, they can easily upgrade to Zilliant MarginMax as the next step in their price optimization journey.

For more information about MarginMax Ramp, visit www.zilliant.com/marginmax.

About Zilliant
Zilliant provides prescriptive sales applications that drive financial growth for B2B companies. We give the best answers to everyday sales decisions: who to call, which products to pitch, and what prices to quote to help companies improve sales execution. The answers come from applying data science to transaction data, and are delivered via our proven software-as-a-service (SaaS) Optimization Platform. Our SalesMax and MarginMax applications can be deployed in a matter of weeks and scale to support global enterprise transformations. Zilliant is a new, smarter way to sell. Learn more about how we help our customers grow revenue, grow profits and grow smarter at www.zilliant.com.

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