Zilliant Announces Global AI B2B Benchmark Report

November 2, 2017

AI analysis – conducted on a massive, global scale – reveals B2B industry fails to capture staggering amounts of revenue and profit.

Austin, TX – November 2, 2017 – Zilliant, a leading AI-driven SaaS platform for maximizing the lifetime value of B2B customer relationships, today announced a first-of-its-kind report, the Global B2B Benchmark Report.

This breakthrough report, created by applying AI and machine learning to 1 billion rows of B2B transactional data, reveals where manufacturing, distribution and service companies are failing to capture hidden pockets of revenue and profit that exist in their businesses today.

The sample data analyzed includes:  3.5 million products, 3.7 million buyers, 12 currencies and $53.2 billion in revenue. Traditional business intelligence and analytics simply cannot compute at this scale. For B2B leaders, this makes identifying pockets of leakage highly improbable and operationalizing the capture of leakage impossible. This analysis reveals that all manufacturing, distribution and service companies consistently fail to capture 12% - 36% of the revenue and profit available to them.

AI allows us to accurately pinpoint leakage at the company level and provides actionable guidance on how to capture that revenue and profit. At the global level, the manufacturing, distribution and service industries represent a roughly $22 trillion* market. For these industries, the report reveals that a consistent $2.6 - $7.9 trillion goes uncaptured globally per year. At the company level, a $1 billion company experiences revenue leakage of $120 - $360 million per year.

“All companies are facing significant challenges from new competitors, declines in customer loyalty and significant margin erosion,” said Zilliant CEO Greg Peters. “Every CEO worries about uncaptured revenue and profit. Now, they can understand exactly where money is left on the table and deploy actionable guidance at all levels of the organization to go recapture that profitable growth.”

To obtain a copy of the report, please visit http://experience.zilliant.com/benchmark

About Zilliant

Zilliant offers the only AI-based SaaS platform enabling B2B companies to grow share and profits while maximizing customer lifetime value. The company’s advanced intelligence is delivered seamlessly through the Zilliant IQ platform, which is integrated within existing field sales workflows, CRM applications and ecommerce channels, to inform pricing and sales decisions and increase the value of every B2B customer interaction. Learn more about how Zilliant helps maximize the lifetime value of B2B customer relationships at www.zilliant.com.

*Global trade figures aggregated from:

  • Modern Distribution Management, “2018 Competitive Landscape for Wholesale Distribution”
  • World Bank Open Data, “Manufacturing, Value Added (Current USD)”
  • University of Oxford, “Retail & Wholesale: Key Sectors for the European Economy”




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