MindShare 2020 is Almost Here: Compelling Customer Stories, Delivered Virtually

October 1, 2020 Team Zilliant

MindShare 2020, the premier B2B pricing and sales growth conference, makes its virtual return October 27-29. Read on for a preview into the customer stories, thought leadership and product innovations we’ve got in store for attendees.

MindShare lands at a critical hinge point for B2B distributors, manufacturers and services companies. The global pandemic has changed the way business is done and the resulting recession has put intense pressure on pricing, costing and sales processes. The unexpected pandemic only adds to the complexity that businesses were already planning for when the year began, such as eCommerce competition, tariff costs, labor shortages and revenue/profit leakage, to name a few.

MindShare will showcase concrete tactics and strategies you can deploy to navigate these troubled waters and persevere to reach commercial excellence. Last year’s event, which an attendee christened “one of the best conferences I’ve ever experienced,” broke our turnout records. This time around, we’re seeing record-breaking registrations as company leaders are eager to join in as we collectively Rethink, Redefine, Reimagine B2B.



With companies across every B2B industry scratching and clawing to gain an edge, you don’t want to miss out on the thought leadership, groundbreaking product innovations and customer stories available at MindShare. Here’s a sneak preview of what to expect:

Customer Showcase:

Four company leaders from a variety of industries will share how they toppled pricing and sales challenges, including:

  • European Food Service Distributor

Reimagined: How to standardize pricing processes and roll out transformative pricing solutions across a complex, multi-country environment.

  • Global Food Producer

Reimagined: A creative, continuously improving approach to price optimization that overcomes segmentation hurdles due to data sparsity.

  • Global Thermoplastics Distributor

Reimagined: A better approach to price setting, execution and monitoring in a tricky environment of fluctuating costs, diverse customer needs and operations in 17 countries.

  • Global Electronic Components Distributor

Reimagined: What sales enablement looks like in 2020 and beyond, by solving for high industry churn rates through sales growth and recovery actions and optimized price guidance.


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Zilliant Product Roadmap:

Hear from Zilliant’s product team the new and upcoming features available as part of our ever-growing breadth of B2B solution capabilities. Highlights will include discussions and live demos of Real-Time Market Pricing, Intelligent Automated Negotiation and global and country list price management. Be sure to bring questions!


Zilliant President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Peters will address the business ramifications of a year none of us could have predicted, and how Zilliant is partnering with customers to grow market share and meet financial goals despite the obstacles.



Who should attend MindShare 2020:

  • Executive leaders interested in how B2B companies can reimagine strategies for profitable growth
  • Pricing managers, analysts, directors that have a hand in day-to-day pricing and strategy
  • Sales leadership concerned with helping reps make smarter selling decisions
  • Leaders within B2B manufacturing, distribution and service companies

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