Top 10 Pricing, Sales & AI Posts of 2017

January 23, 2018

From pricing misconceptions, to artificial intelligence, to succeeding in competitive B2B markets, the list below ranks the top ten most-viewed Zilliant blog posts of 2017, listed by the numbers.

No. 10: Ask Aviana: Three Powerful User Interface Designs

Can B2B applications be as fast, functional and simple as the consumer experience? We sat down with our in-house expert on user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), Zilliant UX Designer Aviana Parker, to discover if the B2C experience can be mirrored in B2B.

No. 9: Top Five Pricing Misconceptions

As a pricing analyst, running into misconceptions about a sound pricing strategy can be a daily occurrence. This post reveals the top five pricing misconceptions Zilliant pricing scientists hear.

No. 8: Combat, Compete, Win: Steal a Page from the Amazon Business Playbook

Heads up, industrial distributors, the frontal assault from Amazon is here. Michel Safi, EMEA vice president at Zilliant, shares some tips and tricks for a data-driven defense.

No. 7: How Artificial Intelligence Helps B2B Companies Succeed in Competitive Markets

Zilliant CEO Greg Peters shares the top three trends holding B2B companies back from thriving and hitting their numbers. Read it and learn how AI turns obstacles into opportunities.

No. 6: Humans, AI and the Man Behind the Curtain

While some solutions touting artificial intelligence may have a “man behind the curtain,” Zilliant Director of Science Carl Jeanbart explains why the best AI applications will take an approach that pairs woman or man with the machine instead of pitting them against one another.           

No. 5: How Pricing Science is Like Plinko

For a B2B pricing strategy to be effective within a massively complex company, you need a pricing strategy that’s equally nuanced and complex, yet scalable. Read this post to learn how pricing science is like Plinko.

No. 4: How to Use Data to Deliver Intelligent Pricing

It is possible to have your eCommerce sales channel serve up prices that are aligned to customer expectations. Read how to deliver more transparent prices and compete with Amazon.

No. 3: Pricing Strategy: Machine Learning & Market Dynamics

Prescriptive pricing models enable companies to consistently determine optimum pricing strategies across all market segments simultaneously. While this is indeed important, it is even more important to be able to continue to determine optimum pricing strategies as market dynamics change over time.

No. 2: Successful IT Project: Go-Live Phase

To ensure success of a new IT project, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of the three aspects that will define each step of your project: time, people and technology. This change management post provides a good wireframe for an IT or data project.

No: 1: Willingness to Pay

Approaching every deal with an inflated price point could be a huge time sink due to the inevitable wrestling over price, but not only that, it could result in walked deals. This post was originally posted in 2014, but continues to be one of the top blogs, year-after-year.

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