By The Numbers | The Top Blog Posts of 2016

December 20, 2016

From the wave of artificial intelligence to overcoming price exception requests in your business, the list below ranks the top five blog posts to date, listed by the numbers.

No. 5: MRO Distribution Infographic: 2016 is All About Share

This infographic offers MRO industry trends, insightful statistics and tips on how to grow relationships with your existing customers.

No. 4: Webinar Recording: Overcoming the Price Exception Quagmire

In this webinar, thought leaders in pricing and sales excellence present on the importance of reducing price exceptions, price approvals or SPAs, in your business. “Instead of handling price exception requests as one-offs, apply data science to the transaction data you already have to deliver prices to sales reps that are already aligned to your customers' expectations,” said Zilliant General Manager of Pricing Excellence Barrett Thompson.

No. 3: Get Smarter and Survive with AI

In this post, Zilliant’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Greg Howe weighed in on the importance of adopting artificial intelligence (AI) and Salesforce’s debut of Einstein at Dreamforce. “Enabling B2B sellers with this intelligence is why AI is so critical to businesses today,” said Greg. “That’s why I’m fired up about Einstein, Benioff is bringing awareness to a critical commercial issue: In order to survive, going forward, businesses (sales) must get smarter.”

No. 2: Salesforce CPQ + Zilliant: Less Clicks, More Business

In this post, Zilliant Senior Director of Product Management Dave Kurak provides insight on Zilliant’s integration with Salesforce CQP. Dave walks us through an example from a seller’s point of view, and how this integration allows sales reps to cut quote turnaround times. “She’s got a head start, can get this turned in quickly, assuming she stays within the guidelines, and now has a massive advantage over her competition’s two- to four-day quote turnaround time,” said Dave.

No. 1: Pricing Strategy: Machine Learning and Marketing Dynamics

In this post, Zilliant Pricing Scientist Amir Meimand gives a primer on pricing science and explains how machine learning empowers organizations to respond swiftly with price after a change in market dynamics. “A machine learning model can be employed to capture the effect of market dynamics on the market price,” said Amir. 

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