How Electronic Components Distributors Solve Customer Churn

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What is your annual churn rate? Perhaps surprisingly, for electronic components distributors, an annual 30% customer churn rate – which includes declining customer purchase volume – is commonJust like that, a 7% growth target becomes a 37% goal in practical terms.  

This no longer has to be the case. Our latest infographic demonstrates a proven, data-driven method for detecting churn before it begins and recapturing lost revenue that has helped distributors recapture up to 15% in same-customer sales. 

Download our new infographic to learn how we’re empowering electronic components distributors to: 

  • Identify at-risk customers early, at the first sign of defection 
  • Turn recovery insights into targeted sales actions 
  • Deliver recovery actions and talk tracks to sales reps when and where they need them 

Set sales up to succeed in 2021! Predictive sales growth solutions can uncover incremental revenue opportunities with a bit of reimagining of the traditional approach to sales intelligence. 

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