Commercial Challenges and Opportunities Spurred by COVID-19 in Medical Distribution

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Zilliant’s 2019 B2B Benchmark study revealed that medical and life sciences distributors are unwittingly leaving large amounts of revenue and profit on the table due to inconsistent pricing, misaligned market pricing, missed cross-sell opportunities and customer churn. On top of that, eCommerce giants like Amazon Business pose an increasing threat. 

Enter the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. The problems mentioned above still exist and are being accelerated by uneven demand patterns that have most distributors struggling to source some items while not being able to get others off the shelf. The trifecta: Amazon has only become more powerful through it all. 

The good news: distributors possess the power to act decisively and proactively in confusing times, with a reimagined approach to pricing and sales challenges. By harnessing the power inside their existing data, distributors can: 

  • Weather the storm on low-demand inventory 

  • Win the competitive high-demand market 

  • Sell more to existing customers 

  • Offer an exceptional eCommerce experience 

Download the infographic to learn what powerful and readily adoptable data science can do for your business.  

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