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The Evolution of B2B Sales

At a time when very little seems stable, the most uneasy role in B2B is arguably that of the field sales representative. The bread-and-butter skills honed over decades of walking shop floors, shaking...
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Avoid These Aftermarket Margin Pitfalls

It’s a good time to be in the aftermarket parts manufacturing business, as vehicles on the road continue to age, parts outpace new car sales and massive growth is expected over the next several...
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Five Tactics to Recapture Lost Ad Value

The first half of 2020 has been a challenge for television advertising sales. We're all aware of the cratering demand due to COVID-19. But some underlying problems have also been exposed in this...
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Do Your Rental Rates Inspire Confidence?

Rate-setting in the equipment rental industry is a complicated matter. Consider: Do large, strategic customers receive better rates than smaller accounts? Do customers pay a lower rate for longer...
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Optimize Rate Markup for Each Staffing Request

Can you confidently and consistently optimize your rate markup? Most staffing agencies struggle to hit that moving target. Bill rates and pay rates are constantly in flux, given differences in...
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