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Strategic Pricing: Thriving in Tumultuous Times

Builders and construction professionals will remember the price of steel in the 21st century as having two histories – one before COVID-19, and one after. During the height of the pandemic, the steel...
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Evolving Pricing Precision from A to Z(illiant)

Read this eBook to learn how a global services company injected science into prices, self-service into reporting capabilities, and improved gross margin each year without losing volume withZilliant...
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Global Services Company

Block Out the Noise and Prosper Through Price

Even in a supply-constrained, pandemic-disrupted, and inflationary time, one metals distributor broke margin records and consistently launched profitable products thanks to price optimization...
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How Global Companies Can Beat Inflation

Runaway inflation is overwhelming B2B pricing teams who still rely on manual processes to set and manage global country price lists. This eBook introduces a better way to respond to inflation and...
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The Road to Price Management

Modern B2B companies can no longer rely on massive spreadsheets and outdated processes to set, update and manage prices in a rapidly changing business environment. The solution? Data-driven price...
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