Tariffs: Manufacturers are ill-equipped for raw material cost hikes

Global Trade Magazine featured an article from Zilliant VP of Customer Success Rick Chappel that grapples with tariff-related issues facing manufacturers such as how to pass on on cost changes, customer reaction and margin erosion.

It also covers how AI can predict the business impact of price changes before they're made. The import tariffs on steel and aluminum, as confirmed by President Trump on May 31, exacerbated worries for B2B manufacturers—and their customers. The implications for employment and the economy are significant, but most manufacturers are also grappling with practical questions, such as: 

  • How will this impact my per-unit costs? 
  • How can we effectively pass these changes on? 
  • How will customers react to an across-the-board price increase? 
  • How can we hold the line on margin erosion and do so quickly?

Read the full article, "Tariffs: Manufacturers are ill-equipped for raw material cost hikes."

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