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Gaining Price Guidance Acceptance from the Top Down

Building Products Manufacturer Raises Sales Adoption of Pricing Guidance and Increases Profit Margins with Zilliant Price IQTM

With increased market competition, higher costs and lower negotiation power, this national building products manufacturer needed to address pricing pressure for its products.  As business leadership sought ways to overcome this pressure, they realized gaps in their current go-to-market pricing strategy.  For example, sales were trained to use prices that were always limited by a maximum cap and the sales compensation plan did not drive profitable growth.

Given the success of Zilliant Price IQ in other parts of this conglomerate’s business, this Zilliant customer saw the potential in expanding the price optimization work to premium brand products which were highly differentiated and had a high perceived value in the market.  But would sales adopt price changes?

Download the eBook and learn the details on how the pricing team raised sales adoption of price changes by:

  • Rolling out an executive sponsorship campaign
  • Using a market aligned pricing strategy that eliminated static price caps
  • Adjusting sales compensation plans and updating customer agreements effectively

The results were impressive: 200-basis point margin improvement in 3 months!

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Why Zilliant is a Trusted Partner for Building Products Manufacturers
Why Zilliant is a Trusted Partner for Building Products Manufacturers

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