A sneak peek of the strategic Zilliant business partners that will be presenting dynamic B2B pricing and sales content at MindShare 2022 in Austin, Texas, from June 13-15.

Zilliant Partners Take the Stage at MindShare 2022

MindShare is back, live and in person. You should attend if price optimization and management and/or revenue intelligence strategies are core to your commercial growth tactics. Zilliant is hosting the event from June 13-15 in Austin, Texas.

Partners are a key element to Zilliant’s go-to-market strategy and will play a large role at MindShare, as always.

Here is a brief view into the conference agenda and what some of our partners will be presenting:


Join SAP Global Vice President, Wholesale Distribution Magnus Meier for a discussion about the state of wholesale distribution, how digital transformation and market forces are accelerating the pace of change in distribution, and why digitizing pricing processes and systems to keep up with the pace of change is key to not missing the moment.


Ellen Beres, senior principal product manager, Oracle CPQ, will speak to the demands and disruptions placed upon supply chains, such as surging inflation, the need for value-added services, and the application of recurring and consumption pricing models. Headlines screaming “Inflation!” are compounding pandemic-fueled product shortages and the explosion of the subscription economy. The urgency for optimal pricing solutions has never been greater.


Conga Digital Transformation Officer Ash Finnegan and Director, Business Transformation Derrick Herbst will share the stage as they look at the scope of Revenue Operations and the role it plays in today's business environment. They will look at how combining world-class price optimization with a comprehensive Revenue Operations approach can lead to even greater benefits.


Join David Moss, partner at PwC, for a session on getting back to the basics and rethinking your approach to pricing. Learn how to remove unnecessary complexity and take advantage of best-in-class software and tools to improve process efficiency and pricing accuracy.


Join Salesforce Regional Vice President of Manufacturing Sales Frank Borovsky for an interactive breakout session that explores current challenges, trends and opportunities for manufacturers. Frank will share his insights from his extensive experience in commercial leadership roles at manufacturing companies and drill into specific opportunities to use Zilliant and Salesforce to improve profitability.

Registration is Still Open

If you haven’t made the decision yet, don’t miss your chance to register for Mindshare 2022. Don’t miss out on hearing first-hand from our partner, customer and Zilliant thought leaders on a variety of pricing, sales and macroeconomic topics.

If you’re less familiar with Zilliant’s solutions, how they help B2B companies and the role they play in enhancing our partner solutions, consider joining us on June 8 for a webinar tackling these topics and more ahead of the industry’s leading pricing and sales growth conference.

See you at Mindshare Austin, June 13-15!