Zilliant Customer Success Team: Meet Mike Morocco

September 6, 2018

Picture of Mike Morocco from the Zilliant Customer Success Team.

Mike Morocco joined the Zilliant Customer Success Team in September 2017 as a Customer Success Manager (CSM) where he is responsible for ensuring the ongoing success and measurable profitable growth of our customers. Prior to Zilliant, he was a strategy consultant at Revenue Analytics, Inc. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and was recently awarded the Zilliant People’s Choice Award for outstanding performance.

1. How did your background prepare you for your role as a CSM?

Three things come to mind: I was born curious, educated in systems engineering and have had fantastic opportunities to consult at the intersect of technology and business strategy.

2. What’s the biggest misconception about price setting or sales effectiveness you encounter?

The “optimality” of the insight is critical, but it’s only the beginning! Companies will not impact their bottom line with sales optimization systems if their sellers don’t confidently bring the insights to market. User-centered products help by presenting sellers with only the most actionable insights, returning time to do what they do best, better. Make smarter decisions faster while freeing them from the responsibility of becoming a sales analyst.

3. What does a day in your life look like?

As a CSM, my days are filled with customer interaction. I generally speak with my customers each week where discussions will range from a detailed validation of most recent optimization results to preparing for an executive readout on our annual success objectives and benefit impact.

4. What’s the No. 1 question you hear most frequently related to change management or adoption? 

“What have you seen work best with other customers or in other industries?” The answer: public support from executive leadership, involve your sellers in the design, align incentives, measure results and – most importantly – celebrate wins!

5. If you could send one message to company leaders that are considering deploying prescriptive sales and pricing guidance in their business, what would it be?

You’re not simply investing in magic algorithms that are plugged in and start printing money. People and processes are critical, so take care to find the right partner and invest resources internally to ensure your immediate and continued success.

6. What part of your work with customers is the most rewarding?

When a customer counterpart fields questions from their team on how the system works, where its working best, and where the largest growth opportunities remain.

7. What are the most common questions related to eCommerce that you hear from customers?

“How can I grow profitably online if I offer customers their pricing in plain sight, encouraging them to shop around without ever speaking to my sales team?” This question will rattle B2B markets to their core and a comprehensive strategy is essential. The answer is not a simple one, but often includes customer-specific price and product recommendations that simulate an extension of your sales team and improve the overall buying experience.

8. What’s the biggest obstacle for B2B companies to deliver a consumer-like experience on their eCommerce website?

The biggest obstacle to success in eCommerce has to be Amazon.com. This could be the most powerful force to impact marketplaces that anyone alive today has seen. However, opportunity remains for B2B companies. There is a roadmap. Not every consumer retailer was crushed by Amazon and new companies emerged!

Your human sellers can be an incredible asset. Customers will respond positively to an omnichannel experience where their conversations with reps are valuable to the growth of their business and they find the same, customer specific insights while shopping online.

This post is part of our ongoing Zilliant Customer Success Team Q-and-A series where we share the insights and expertise of our Customer Success Team so you can think differently about accelerating profitable growth.

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