Zilliant + Copperberg Roundtable: Deliver a B2C-like eCommerce Experience

April 6, 2021 Team Zilliant

Join us for an exclusive executive roundtable with Copperberg 

B2B leaders can apply now to attend a live and interactive digital roundtable hosted by Zilliant and Copperberg, focused on how to “Deliver a B2C-like eCommerce Experience: Dynamic Pricing and Personalization.” 

Attendance is free, but space is very limited for the 5 May roundtable. Here’s what to expect at the event: 

B2B manufacturers enter the digital commerce realm 

As manufacturers respond to digital trends and customer demand for superior eCommerce experiences, they quickly run up against two must-haves: dynamic pricing and personalization capabilities. 

This roundtable is designed to tackle these dilemmas head on and strategize on a data-driven approach. Zilliant Business Solutions Consultant Thomas Delloye and Copperberg Managing Director Lisa Hellqvist will moderate the discussion, covering topics such as: 

  • How to deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience 

  • How manufacturers can deliver market-aligned prices dynamically 

  • Strategies to grow customer relationships now and in the future 

These timely topics are sure to spark conversation and strong opinions. We are looking for registrants that are eager to share their experience and ideas. Tell us what’s worked for you, what hasn’t and what you envision will drive the next generation of digital commerce.  

Are you in the midst of transitioning a legacy eCommerce system into a modern, personalized platform? Have you thought about how to differentiate pricing between new and existing customers online? Does it make sense to share different prices to existing customers depending on their size, annual spend, contractual agreements or any other scenario? Finally, how can these decisions all be made dynamically in real-time, so as to not disrupt the customer experience? 

Apply now to contribute to this expert collaborative experience. 

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