Companies in the high-tech manufacturing industry often find themselves behind the times when it comes to creating a frictionless buying and selling process. Offer creation for technology providers and their channel partners is often slow and manual. This tends to torpedo win rates, wallet share and account profitability. It’s time to adopt intelligent automated negotiation.

Want to find out how? Our recent webinar with Schneider Electric and TSIA, “Optimizing the LAER Process: Three Competitive Advantages Produced by Data Science,” is now available on demand. Watch it at your convenience and learn how, through embracing advanced pricing and negotiation solutions, high tech manufacturers stand to reverse downward trends and optimize the commercial process. With data science-driven solutions, global technology firms can analyze historical sales patterns to help their sales teams and channel partners: 

Optimize contract discount amounts 

  • Provide guardrails to prevent over-discounting. 
  • Prescribe the right discount at the line item level for each opportunity. 

Identify areas of price sensitivity 

  • Eliminate blanket discount strategies that leak margin. 
  • Win higher-margin deals without sacrificing volume. 

Intelligently automate the negotiation process 

  • Reduce the cycle time on price exception requests.  
  • Free up resources for more strategic work.
  • Improve win rates and customer satisfaction. 

These tactics are successful in digitally enhancing sales processes with higher win rates, better retention, and higher profit margins. Offer creation doesn’t have to be a trade-off for speed, accuracy, and completeness. Instead, take a modern, data-driven approach to your commercial processes. 

The event was led by Zilliant Business Solutions Consultant Todd Pate, who demonstrated how data science can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Land-Adopt-Expand-Renew (LAER) sales process. Jameson Page, price structure and technology manager at Schneider Electric, then closed with a real-world example of how intelligent automated negotiation is actively transforming commercial processes and driving business value for the global high-tech manufacturer.


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