[VIRTUAL EVENT] PPS Fall 2021 Virtual Conference & Workshops

September 16, 2021 Team Zilliant

Pricing Strategies for Peak Performance

Inflationary concerns, market volatility, economic uncertainty, and digital disruption are just some of the major challenges facing today’s business landscape. With overcoming these challenges in mind, the Professional Pricing Society has announced their Fall 2021 virtual conference and workshops on October 12 – 15. This year’s theme is “Pricing Strategies for Peak Performance,” and Zilliant will once again contribute thought leadership for attendees looking to power intelligent commerce.

On Friday, October 15, at 3:15 p.m. EDT, Zilliant Senior Science Director Sofia Simaria will present a breakout session, “Applying Price Optimization in Commodity-Driven Industries.” The constantly changing cost basis in commodity-driven industries makes analyzing, updating, and publishing new prices complex due to sudden market changes. Adding to the complexity are other factors including supply issues, data sparsity, a high variance in how commodities are utilized across products, and more. Given these complex dynamics, it’s a common misconception that price optimization cannot be applied to heavily commodity-driven industries. Participants in Simaria’s breakout session will learn about pragmatic applications for AI in pricing, best practices to use cost data more intelligently, and how to respond to evolving market conditions with smarter, faster pricing strategies.

In addition to Simaria’s breakout session, the PPS Fall 2021 conference will feature sessions and appearances from a number of pricing thought leaders that have appeared on Zilliant’s B2B Reimagined podcast. Capital Pricing Consultants CEO and Founder Lydia Di Liello, who appeared on episode 34, will host a workshop on Tuesday, October 12, titled, “The Art of the Win: How to Negotiate With Anyone and Get Your Way.” Additionally, the keynote on Friday, October 15, will be presented by pricing evangelist and author Stephan Liozu Ph.D., who discussed his book Pricing: The New CEO Imperative on episode 32.

Register for the PPS Fall 2021 conference and workshops today to catch Zilliant Senior Science Director Sofia Simaria’s session and much more from the brightest minds in pricing.

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