[VIRTUAL EVENT] Digital Price Analytics & Commodity Management for Chemical Sector

September 2, 2021 Team Zilliant

Zilliant Presenting at Digital Price Analytics & Commodity Management for the Chemicals Industry 

23-24 September, 2021 – 10:00 CET 

Chemicals companies across the globe continue to fall into the dreaded commodity trap – leaving them unable to command premium prices for their products, while market volatility threatens to slash margins on even their most specialized offerings. The old methods of pricing manually with spreadsheets and intuition-led decision making are tried-and-no-longer true. They leave chemical companies ill-equipped to update prices as quickly as costs change and introduce vulnerability to margin loss.  

Zilliant’s research has shown that it takes an average of six weeks to four months to update pricing in response to cost changes when using manual tools. Manual pricing is also prone to inefficiencies that cause chemical companies to be misaligned to the market. Speed, scale and specificity are integral to pricing commodities, especially in a time of constant cost changes.  

For those that are struggling to avoid this trap, the “Digital Price Analytics & Commodity Management” virtual event, hosted by MDG Executive, couldn’t come at a better time. Thought leaders from both the pricing and chemical industries will share innovative strategies and powerful technology-driven approaches to growing margins in volatile times. 

Register now to save your seat for Zilliant Principal Scientist Kevin Pierson’s presentation, “Applying Price Optimization in Commodity-Driven Industries.” In this detailed session, you will learn: 

  • Strategies on analyzing, updating and publishing new pricing as quickly as the market changes 

  • How to address supply variance, numerous commodities being manufactured or distributed, a high variance in how commodities are utilized across products, data sparsity and more 

  • How to use price optimization to scale to meet highly complex pricing challenges in commodity-based industries 

  • Best practices to use cost data to respond more intelligently and effectively to changing market conditions via pricing 

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