Top Ten Events and Podcasts of 2020

December 17, 2020 Katy Fritz

It’s an understatement to say that 2020 flipped lots of industries upside-down. As Zilliant’s director of global events, I can attest to this firsthand. Earlier this year we had to make the difficult decision to cancel our annual, in-person event, MindShare  just one short month away from the event date. While we were disappointed to not see our most passionate customers in person, and to introduce potential new customers to the Zilliant family, safety is, and always will be, our main priority.  

And thus, the pivot began. MindShare became virtual. Webinar invites started to populate in our calendars. We waved to new faces through our computer screens, networked via a chat window, and patiently waited for the content to start when the inevitable technical glitch (aka coffee refill time!) occurred.   

Much to my delight, the event evaluations would prove positive. To that end, below is my personal curated list of the very best in Zilliant events, podcasts, and content in 2020! 

10. How to Adapt to the New Normal 

Have ten minutes? That’s all you’ll need to learn seven tips on how to adapt to the new normal as a distributor in the midst of a pandemic. 

9. 2020 Global B2B Benchmark Report Webinar  

The Zilliant Benchmark Report is quickly becoming the most anticipated Zilliant content event of the year. View this webinar to discover tangible ways to capture lost revenue, and then take the assessment to discover your specific results. 

8. How Zilliant and Salesforce Deliver Market-Aligned Price Guidance to Sales  

In Deliver Market-Aligned Price Guidance to Sales, co-hosted by Zilliant and Salesforce, we demonstrated how, together, Zilliant and Salesforce solutions enable more effective and efficient quoting with market-aligned pricing guidance. 

7. How Zilliant and SAP Help Manufacturers Adapt to Digital Commerce 

SAP joined us to dissect THE compelling event of 2020 for B2B manufacturers, a forced transition to digital commerce due to COVID-19. Listen to this podcast (Episode 19 of the B2B Reimagined series), and more, here. 

6. Everything to Know About Customer-Specific Pricing 

It’s no surprise a webinar inspired by MC Hammer would rank in our top ten. In Finding & Fixing Margin Leakage in Customer-Specific PricingZilliant Vice President of Services Brooks Hamilton went deep into customer-specific pricing: what it is, how it’s expressed in the business, and reimagined approaches to achieving major margin improvements. 

5 Copperberg’s Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Event 

We value our European partners and were proud to once again participate in Copperberg’s Manufacturing Pricing Excellence event, gone virtual! You can see a summary of some of the most talked about Zilliant content from this year's virtual event here. 

(Bonus contentWe collaborated with Copperberg on the 2020 Pricing Excellence Report, which gives you the confidence and know-how to remain competitive in your pricing strategies, now and in the future.) 

4 Heavy Duty Auto Week 

Zilliant Chief Marketing Officer Lindsay Duran, took the mainstage at an industry event to discuss how distributors – at all stages of data maturity – can put insights from their data to work to improve pricing decisions, increase margins, and grow and retain wallet-share with customers. 

Be sure to register for the 2021 virtual event to hear Lindsay’s guide to next-generation selling! 

3. Protecting Margins in Volatile Times 

In episode five of B2B ReimaginedProtecting Margins in Volatile Timespricing industry veteran Lydia DiLiello, founder of Capital Pricing Consultants, had a lively chat with Zilliant about how companies can best react to the harsh market realities driven by COVID-19. (SPOILER ALERT: Don’t arbitrarily discount!) 

2. The Evolution of B2B Sales 

Ok, you got us. It’s not an event. But this infographic describing the evolution of B2B Sales is an absolute must see.  

1. MindShare 2020. This one’s pretty special. So special we have the content locked away in a vault more protected than Fort Knox. Please reach out to to request the link and password 

What topics would you like to see us cover in 2021? Let us know here. We’re always looking for that compelling content that will end up on our next top ten list. 

Bookmark the Zilliant Events Page to stay up to date on our 2021 schedule.  

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