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Four Takeaways from MindShare 2022

  Read a recap of MindShare 2022, our first in-person conference in three years, to gain valuable insights from industry experts, partners, and customers.
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Five Tactics to Recapture Lost Ad Value

The first half of 2020 has been a challenge for television advertising sales. We're all aware of the cratering demand due to COVID-19. But some underlying problems have also been exposed in this...
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Do Your Rental Rates Inspire Confidence?

Rate-setting in the equipment rental industry is a complicated matter. Consider: Do large, strategic customers receive better rates than smaller accounts? Do customers pay a lower rate for longer...
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Optimize Rate Markup for Each Staffing Request

Can you confidently and consistently optimize your rate markup? Most staffing agencies struggle to hit that moving target. Bill rates and pay rates are constantly in flux, given differences in...
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Solve the Rental Rate Puzzle

This whitepaper offers a better and more rational approach to pricing, driven by advanced price optimization and management tools. 
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Unwrap Three New Industry Infographics

This month Zilliant released three new infographics focused on reimagined commercial solutions for three distinct B2B vertical industries – food production and manufacturing, electronic components...
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