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How to Make CRM Effective

Perspective: You are a sales manager responsible for 25 of your organization’s 500 salespeople. Think about the last “all sales” email you were copied on from your marketing or sales ops department...
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Year-in-Review: Zilliant Events

As I sat down to write Zilliant’s “Best of” events blog for 2021, I took a look back at where we were a year ago, when we were still learning how to adjust to our new virtual way of meeting, and we...
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Year-in-Review: The Essential Zilliant Content

For B2B companies the year 2021 was a precedented one, but only because they had just lived through 2020. As the economy re-opened, uneven surges in demand brought supply chain snarls and creeping...
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How Better Rebate Management Benefits B2B Sales

Zilliant’s new Rebate Management solution simplifies the intricate process of creating, executing and analyzing off-invoice incentive programs. Flexible cloud-native software replaces spreadsheets...
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Top 5 Zilliant Blogs of 2021 (So Far)

As summer gives way to fall and we enter the final months of 2021, it’s a good time to take a look back at our most-read blog posts to date. The Zilliant Blog is updated twice weekly and covers a...
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More Than a Channel: eCommerce as a Selling Tool

In my last two blog posts, I’ve discussed how the B2B sales model has fundamentally changed, forcing sales professionals to react faster and adapt to more virtual settings. I also explained how and...
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Can Your Sales Team Pivot on a Dime?

One of the key points my Zilliant colleagues and I focus on when advising customers is the importance of keeping up with the relentless pace of new business triggers that impact the B2B world....
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Meet the New B2B Sales Model

As I meet with sales and executive leaders in our customer and prospect base, two big themes emerge that are intertwined. First, the pandemic completely upended the role of B2B sales, with...
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Evolution of the Sales Operations Function

When I started working in B2B (pre-Jurassic period) the types of activities that would now be considered part of sales operations were typically spread out across a variety of areas. Reporting may...
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Here's What We Heard at MindShare 2021

Yet another successful MindShare event wrapped up last week. The virtual version of Zilliant’s premier B2B pricing and sales conference attracted more than 500 registrants to 15 expert-led sessions...
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A Primer on Predictive Sales Analytics

    Read to learn how predictive sales analytics enables B2B sales leaders to accelerate sales with data science and grow accounts as effectively as possible.
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